It is all in your hands!

Summer-pictures offers several opportunities for registered users. Different desires, various possibilities.

The types of models sought for advertising are as diverse as the range of goods and services. Our cooperation partners include international advertising agencies and model casting companies looking for rising stars - "new" faces. Magazines, television, advertising, catalogues, fashion industry - modelling is truly a highly demanded profession.

Most reality show organisers search for their participants with the help of a casting agency. Participating in a reality show - it means travelling, new friends, self-discovery, self-development, as well as the chance to become well known and even famous!

Three... two... one... cut! This phrase can give you wings - whether it is on the set of an advert, movie or a tv show. Our advice: don’t stop at background scenes and second level roles. Aim for the main ones! But it all starts here, at the “Summer Pictures” database. You just have to sign up.

Selling, promoting, managing promotions and events - this is a valuable experience and a good source of income. The models on our database are the first in line for some of the best job offers all around the world. We work with companies with an excellent reputation.

Tempted by the opportunity to shine in front of an audience of millions of people on a music channel or YouTube? - It is possible that some artist or a band wants to include you in their video! Our database is used by video producers from the USA, UK, Germany, Russia, France and many other countries.

If you are one of the “Summer Pictures”, you can not only win the main prize, but also a trip to Thailand or any of the surprise prizes. What do you have to do? - It’s simple: invite your Facebook friends to vote for you, to get as many points as possible*. The winner will be the participant with the most points at the end. While participants with at least 50 points will take part in a lottery for a series of surprise prizes. *Each Facebook profile can only vote for one of the contestants once.