Will my personal data information be displayed in my profile?

Your profile will only show your first name, Summer Pictures ID number, and your physical parameters-height, hair and eye color, etc. Your personal information will not be disclosed.

Will I be able to add photos from my personal archive to my account?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible, as Summer Pictures to adhere at a certain personal style. On your account will show photos taken during the entire photo session, about 10 to 20 shots.

Who will be able to see my account and information about me ?

Your account profile will only be visible to registered users who are our potential customers - various public media, TVs, advertising agencies, photographers, casting agencies, and more.

When I will have an account, will I be able to download my photos?

Yes, registered account holders have the right to download their photos for 23.50 eur

Is there any charge to create an account?

NO. Within 30 days of logging in to your profile, you can do it for free, THIS IS A FREE SERVICE, But after 30 days the price will be 35.00 euros, so think about the offer in time and decide. an account active for 3 years..

When will I register my account, how long will it be active in the Summer Pictures database?

Your account will be active for 3 years unless you choose to delete it.

Who can create and register an account as a model in your data base?

Any person who has participated in the Summer Pictures contest has the opportunity to create an account and receive job offers

Can I participate in a contest without opening an account in your database?

Yes, of course you can, this is your free choice.

What are the dressing code/ style participating in photo contest?

The dressing code/ style are a free choice for the participant, but it is advisable to be colorful and summery.

What you do, what you wear, and what you look like in a photo can be something you would never do, wear, or look like in real life. Try wearing colors and clothes that clash. Buy or borrow outfits or accessories that you'd never actually wear in public. Feel free to sow your best abilities. You'd be surprised how many "outtake" shots end up being models' absolute favorites.

You can bring your own outfit as many as you like.

Will it be possible to get my photos from photo session?

Yes, pictures will be available to download only personally for you.

Can any person participating in the contest become a model?

Any Summer Pictures contestant can become a model if she/he will be willing to.

How can I take a part in lottery?

To apply for a lottery, you must register your lottery number online at www.summer.pictures in your profile account.

How will the main prize winner be selected?

The main prize winner will be the participant who will have the highest number of voting points.

Is there a participation fee?

No, the contest is free of charge.

Do I have to pay for photo shoot session?

No photo shoot session is free of charge

Who can participate in the competition and is there age restrictions?

Any person from age of 16 can participate in the Summer Pictures photo contest.

I am not from Europe, can I get job offers in Europe?

Yes, it's entirely possible to receive job offers to work in different countries of the world. If necessary, the employer will provide you with visa and airline tickets.

How much I will get paid or receive any royalty?

The payment amount depends on the customer. It can range from 40-800 Euros per day.

What should I do if I am not interested in one of the job offers?

If you are not interested in the job, you should ignore it. It is your right to choose the most attractive offer.

If I receive a job offer, what should I do next?

If you are interested in the offer, then Summer Pictures will organize special casting for you. Casting video will be sent to the potential client organization for approval. After a positive response from the client, we will contact you. All you will have to do is be yourself, act and wait the rest leave it with us.

What information will contain in the job offer?

The potential employer of the job offered to you has filled out a questionnaire specifying: the name of the company, phone number, e-mail address, information about where the work will take place, the payment / fee, your duties, etc.

How will I get a potential job offers?

All job offers our clients will send to your personal e-mail, which you will specify upon registering your account.

I don’t think that my body is not slim enough; can I still be a model?

Yes, of course, you can be a model because there is no standard size or shape for person. In our catalog, customers are looking not only for the fashion industry models, but most of all looking for a different size and completion models for TV shows, movies, commercials, and more. Our clients mostly are looking for a specific character, personality, therefore, require different shapes and size models of any age group.

How to register?

First of all, you need to fill in the questionnaire, entering information about yourself, your company and, in any case, its field of activity. After that, our staff will evaluate the received application and contact you within three days. We reserve the right to refuse registration to companies that do not operate in the above areas.

Why a restricted access system?

To prevent the risk of involvement of companies and individuals unfamiliar to the industry as well as those of dubious reputation.

My project requires a specific hair color model. Can I find it in your data base catalog?

We can say that you will definitely find the model of the criteria you want.


Do I conclude a contract with the chosen model with Summer girls Ltd?

Yes, you agree and sign an agreement with your chosen model/models with Summer Girls Ltd interaction.

I work as a freelancer; can I register myself as an employer in your data base?

No, you can not as an individual. Only a company can register an account in our database. This can be done by modeling agencies established in the European Union, EU television channels and other advertising companies, various film studios, advertising agencies, fashion companies, and casting companies.

Does a model see my account and can contact me directly?

No, models do not see your account information. They only receive your offers.

Can Summer girls LTd provide a casting service for us?

Yes, we can organize a casting for your project according to your scenario and will send out samples from which you can choose the best one for your interest.

Can registered models see my account information?

No, your data details are hidden. Models can see your contact information only if you provided it by sending her on email and indicated it.