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We will create the right and effective combination for you by choosing the most appropriate model for advertising your products. We encourage you to choose the model that suits your mind from our extensive model database to create the perfect high quality product ad A large quantity of visual advertising assets include people in them. In both video and static graphics, the body language of the person – or people – is very important. The steps to reach correct body language in an advertisement starts before it’s even designed. Creative directors work with the client to determine the correct messaging. The next step is to put out a casting call to find the person who best transmits the body language they’re looking for. During the shoot, the actor or model is given directions until the desired effect is reached.

Show people using your product rather than simply displaying your product by itself.

For Example ad for Cartier sunglasses shows a standalone image of their sunglasses, as well as someone wearing the glasses to help the viewer connect with the product on a deeper level.

It’s all about the message!

Our models , together with creative graphics keen eye for some excellent typography all come together to create a poster that works and conveys your message effectively.

Finding the right photo model

We have experienced photo models for you to hire and models that are "new faces ". New faces are new models that don't yet have an extensive modeling portfolio and experieance. If you are starting out or need a model for creative (a photo-shoot without a big-budget ) new faces are a good option.You can contact us with your photoshoot idea. We will create photo casting specialy for your needs with many models to choose from.

The price of the service

The price of the service for different orders may vary depending on their complexity. Everything is determined by the customer's wishes and the number of models used. It should be taken into account that various extras (for example, pictures on a moving tank or submarine) will be much more expensive. This is only logical, as the execution of such orders will take more time. Therefore, we emphasize the offer of a wide range, so that every interested person can find the most pleasing, attractive and suitable visual solution. All your wishes will be embodied in bright and unforgettable images!

100.00 EUR
Freelance model
50.00 EUR
New talant
100.00 EUR
120.00 EUR
Composition and accessories
150.00 EUR

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We offer attractive visual advertisements on a wide range of topics! Colorful and felt images will be able to appeal to everyone! According to the customer's wishes, several digital photo files will be created with appropriate attached text. They will be available both in digital high-resolution quality from which you can make posters and posters of any size. Using our wide profile base and technical capabilities, we can make advertisements for any stands. You can choose places and people from almost all over the world as the background and face of your upcoming photo ad! Ordering is very simple. The easiest way for the person to whom our offer is addressed is take advantage of the welcome offers and sign up. Here, anyone interested can write what they want and leave their phone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you. We will call you back soon, and the rest of the issues will be resolved during the conversation.